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Alpha Industries Accessories and Bags


Complete your outfit with the choice of messenger and backpack bags from Alpha Industries. Using the same nylon fabrication as the authentic MA-1 bomber jackets, the urban designs offer a contemporary update on the military inspired accessories.

NASA Waist Bag 03 BlackNew Stock

NASA Waist Bag

£35.00 NOW £26.25!

Rubber Print Utility Bag 03 BlackNew Stock

Rubber Print Utility Bag

£40.00 NOW £20.00!

NASA Cap 03 blackNew Stock


£40.00 NOW £20.00!

NASA Cap 438 White/GoldNew Stock


£35.00 NOW £17.50!

Alpha Industries Scarf 03 Black

Alpha Industries Scarf

£35.00 NOW £17.50!

B3 Gloves 20 brown

B3 Gloves

£60.00 NOW £30.00!

Remove Before Flight Scarf 18 red

Remove Before Flight Scarf

£35.00 NOW £17.50!

Coordinates Waistbag 03 Black

Coordinates Waistbag

£45.00 NOW £33.75!

Crew Carry Bag 03 Black

Crew Carry Bag

£45.00 NOW £33.75!

Basic Trucker Cap 257 Dark Green

Basic Trucker Cap

£25.00 NOW £17.50!

Flight Cap 03 Black

Flight Cap

£45.00 NOW £22.50!

Flight Cap 07 Rep Blue
NASA Cap 09 white


£40.00 NOW £20.00!

VLC Patch Cap 417 Flame Orange

VLC Patch Cap

£45.00 NOW £22.50!

X-FIT 2 CAP 257 Dark Green


£30.00 NOW £21.00!

X-FIT 2 CAP 184 Burgundy
X-Fit Cap II 09 white

X-Fit Cap II

£35.00 NOW £24.50!

Camo Socks Box 442 Mixed Colours

Camo Socks Box

£35.00 NOW £17.50!

RBF Socks Box 442 Mixed Colours

RBF Socks Box

£35.00 NOW £17.50!

Stripe Socks Box 442 Mixed Colours

Stripe Socks Box

£35.00 NOW £17.50!


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£ 25 £ 35



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Combining authentic military inspired clothing with technically advanced active wear and outdoor gear, MA-1 offers a range of flight jackets, T-shirts, knitwear, denim, shirts, outerwear, footwear and accessories with a contemporary twist. Based on the original MA1 bomber jacket that is the celebrity jacket of choice, our urban active wear from Alpha Industries, MA1 and Luke Sport is for the fashion enthusiasts who thrive on the outdoors and pushing themselves without compromising on style or quality.