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Blood Chit T

Blood Chit T



ma-1 d-tec blood chit

This Seasons we are seeing a lot more of the Blood Chit! What is the Blood Chit I hear you say….The Blood Chit was sewn on the jackets of the soldiers during the Second World War to inform civilians who found a wounded soldier, where he comes from and that they would get a reward, in case they would help the soldiers. We’ve added it to the classic MA-1 D-Tec, a regular fit with the detachable hood and of course finished with the Remove Before flight Tag.

Keep warm while maintaining that edgy street style.

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Shop military inspired coats, jackets and outdoor sports casual wear for men.

Combining authentic military inspired clothing with technically advanced active wear and outdoor gear, MA-1 offers a range of flight jackets, T-shirts, knitwear, denim, shirts, outerwear, footwear and accessories with a contemporary twist. Based on the original MA1 bomber jacket that is the celebrity jacket of choice, our urban active wear from Alpha Industries, MA1 and Luke Sport is for the fashion enthusiasts who thrive on the outdoors and pushing themselves without compromising on style or quality.