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The Making Of A Classic

21st Apr

The MA-1 is arguably the most popular flight jacket of all time. An iconic garment.

Here’s the brief over view of it’s history.

The MA-1 Jacket is the classic U.S. Air Force Flight Jacket for over 50 years. First introduced back in the 50’s the MA-1 shape became the classic flight jacket of the jet age.

This jacket was designed for use in the cold weather climates (-5°C). And could be reversed to a high-visibility Orange, just in case of emergencies.

FACT: Chuck Yeager was wearing this jacket when he breaks the sound barrier.

The quality of the MA-1 jacket is second to none, with over 50 sewing operations in the manufacturing of every jacket. An example of this is the utility pocket; there are 8 sewing operations involved in its construction.

The jacket served its pilots well, the MA-1 became a sought-after garment. Alpha Industries, it’s main producer, began selling the jacket. The stylish jacket caught fire the youth and quickly became a part of pop culture. Thanks to people like Steve McQueen.

The 80s brought the jacket to a whole new generation, fashionistas. Also, with the emergence of hip-hop, the genre’s forerunners exploited the jacket for its bagginess for a puffy silhouette favoured among hip-hop heads at the time and largely to this day.

Today there are millions of people wearing variations of MA-1s daily. Just have a look at some of the products below.

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