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RBF Field Notes

Remove Before Flight!

10th Sep

The “Remove before flight” tag has become the trademark of Alpha Industries as it is used on nearly every jacket since the 1990’s.

What is the story behind these iconic ‘RBF’ tags I hear you ask? In aviation or spacecraft, red ribbons (on a larger scale) are used as safety warnings on removable aircraft components. Such as, protective covers which prevent the movement of mechanical parts or control locks. There are only used temporarily when the aircraft is grounded.


Forgetting to remove these ribbons can cause airplane to crash. So, within every pre-flight check the pilots have to ensure all temporary covers are removed.

The red tag, which says “Remove before flight” can be find on nearly every Alpha jacket, but is also printed on our T-Shirts and Sweaters.

Mostly it’s the traditional red colour but Alpha Industries have also created several special versions of the RBF Tag in the past within various collaborations throughout the years.

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