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10th Oct

The British Touring Car Championship comes full circle to Brands Hatch Racing Circuit for the final three races of the season.

As the chequered flag dropped on the qualifying session Stewart completed his fastest lap, qualifying in P28. The rain fell throughout the night and into the morning as the cars came on to the circuit for the first race of the day. Lining up on the grid, the rain came to a halt and teams frantically changed to the slick tyre before the cars set off. With most of the field on slicks, the Maximum Motorsport team decided to take a gamble on the wet tyre hoping for more rain.

As the race commenced the slick tyre drivers were scrabbling for grip while Stewart began carving through the field gaining seven places before the close of the first lap. However, no more rain was to fall seeing a dry line form around the track after a few laps. This allowed for drivers on slick tyres to gain enough heat to work through the conditions. Stewart, unable to keep up with the dry tyre runners, brought the Focus across the line in P29.

For the penultimate round incidents ahead saw Stewart bring the Focus home in P25 after struggling race long in single file pace.

The rain began to fall once again for the final race of the season. Lines relished in the wet conditions, gaining two positions in the opening laps. Contact with another driver saw Stewart take to the gravel. Nevertheless, picking up pieces, Stewart pushed forward to complete the race in a very impressive P21 with the 8th fastest lap of the race: ‘At the end of the day it was great way to finish the day and season,’ commented Stewart.


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