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MA-1 Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries MA-1 Jackets are Surging in Popularity

8th Apr

With truckloads of celebrities being pictured in the MA-1 flight jacket, Alpha Industries have seen their products become massively popular once again.

We have seen the resurgence of the bomber jacket in the past couple of years, with everyone from Supreme to Raf Simmons creating their own versions of the classic military look. But, as always, the original will always be the most popular. Alpha Industries began producing the MA-1s as we know them today for military use in the late 1940s. Since the 1970s, the original design has slowly moved from being exclusively used in the military to a mainstay in the fashion world.

The MA-1 flight jacket has been featured in many trends since its creation, being featured in British street culture since the 1960’s, with skinheads, mods, rockers, rudeboys, punks, metalheads, jungle ravers, hip hop heads and grunge fans all adopting the seminal flight jacket as part of their look. The bomber jacket has also been featured extensively in movies, with, perhaps most famously, Tom Cruise wearing it to fly some jets around in Top Gun.

This latest trend can largely be traced back to everyone’s favourite narcissist, Kanye West. During his Yeezus tour in 2013, Kanye started selling his own customised version of the MA-1 as part of his tour merchandise. He has also frequently been spotted wearing the piece and has used it as part of his YEEZY fashion collection. He also famously used the Confederate flag patch on the jacket, attempting to subvert its racist origins. This high profile exposure has seen hundred of celebrities flock towards the military styled jackets, including Craig David, Stormzy, Skepta, Justin Bieber and Ellie Goulding.  

Their seems to be no sign of the MA-1’s popularity slowing down, and you can grab yours now at! 

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Combining authentic military inspired clothing with technically advanced active wear and outdoor gear, MA-1 offers a range of flight jackets, T-shirts, knitwear, denim, shirts, outerwear, footwear and accessories with a contemporary twist. Based on the original MA1 bomber jacket that is the celebrity jacket of choice, our urban active wear from Alpha Industries, MA1 and Luke Sport is for the fashion enthusiasts who thrive on the outdoors and pushing themselves without compromising on style or quality.