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5 Things You Didn't Know About Alpha Industries

24th May

There's no doubting Alpha Industries is an iconic brand - from their famous red 'Remove Before Flight' tag to the bright orange hue of the liner, you're bound to recognise the true article when you see one. But Alpha didn't start their journey creating jackets for rap stars and supermodels:

1. While the MA-1 is a name known worldwide, Alpha continue to manufacture a huge selection of styles including the MA-2, N2B, N3B and M-65 for the US Air Force.

2. You may have noticed the higher placement of the CWU45 jacket's pockets. This was actually a change to the original after Commanders' requests, not happy with pilots walking around with their hands in their pockets. The awkward angle of the pockets on the Top Gun jacket prevented this scruffy behaviour!

3. Those bright orange linings aren't just for show. If a pilot was stranded and needed rescuing, they'd reverse their jacket for higher visibility.

4. The snorkel hood on the Alpha Industries parka was designed to protect the wearer's eyebrows from frostbite.

5. Spring 2016 saw the rise of the field jacket for fashionistas everywhere, but this wasn't the original plan for Alpha Industries - during the war, civilians would wear the jackets in the streets. From here the military inspired fashion came into high demand.

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